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RELAX NG was based on TREX designed by James Clark and RELAX Core designed by MURATA Makoto. project for extending RELAX NG has started in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG1. Instead, SSIS uses an image type that is specifically mapped to the geospatial types.This paper gives a high-level overview of how to use XML with databases.Tutorial for RELAX NG using the compact syntax, not assuming prior knowledge of XML syntax. Also supports other schema languages including W3C XML Schema. RELAX NG Specification (errata), OASIS Committee Specification, 3 December 2001. Can be used as a library for validation and for accessing the schema. It describes how the differences between data-centric and document-centric documents affect their usage with databases, how XML is commonly used with relational databases, and what native XML databases are and when to use them.NOTE: Although the information discussed in this paper is (mostly) up-to-date, the idea that the world of XML and databases can be seen through the data-centric/document-centric divide is somewhat dated.

Most SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages are created to extract data from one or more sources, transform that data, and load it into one or more destinations.

Definitive specification for RELAX NG using the XML syntax.

(*) A document type is choosen when opening a document or creating a new one.

Before we start talking about XML and databases, we need to answer a question that occurs to many people: "Is XML a database?

" An XML document is a database only in the strictest sense of the term. In many ways, this makes it no different from any other file -- after all, all files contain data of some sort. For example, it is self-describing (the markup describes the structure and type names of the data, although not the semantics), it is portable (Unicode), and it can describe data in tree or graph structures. For example, it is verbose and access to the data is slow due to parsing and text conversion.

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