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According to Us Weekly, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys have been secretly gestating a teeny spy baby with the same subterfuge and guile they normally bring to their roles on The Americans.The couple, who are allegedly four months along, have been dating since at least April 2014, though knowing them, that was all a ruse, and they’ve been together for millennia.As an actor of the highest order, Rhys played at being viley offended by these tales. But just last week the pair were spotted on a date at New York’s The Public Theatre where they sat whispering intimately to one another while Russell playfully stroked Rhy’s hair. As the former editor of a celebrity weekly magazine I can attest to the fact that celebrity publicists make you feel downright terrible when you are asking about their client’s personal lives. Let’s take a stroll back through the celebrities who have fibbed to us all about the state of their relationships.From their responses about this split or that affair you would think that you just inquired if the Virgin Mary had a ménage a tois with the devil. In 2006 Matt Lauer knowingly grilled Britney Spears about the state of her marriage to second husband Kevin Federline.“So he’s like, ‘I just like let someone else do it,'” the actress said.In the episode, Rhys played Chuck Palmer, an acclaimed writer whose been accused of sexual misconduct and decides that the best way to seduce Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, is to expose himself to her.

The actress is also mom to son River, 9, and Willa, 4, with ex-husband Shane Deary.

‘s Contenders Conversations series, “The Americans” stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell talk about the drama’s longevity and what it’s like to don all those disguises.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers est le fils de Geraldine Meyers et du musicien John O'Keeffe.

Il tient son nom de scène du nom de sa mère, Meyers.

Né avec une grave maladie cardiaque, il passe les premiers mois de sa vie à l'hôpital et ses parents décident de le faire baptiser peu de temps après sa naissance, pensant qu'il ne survivra pas.

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