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In our city we have not seen a dramatic market collapse as many major cities have, the home prices have kept pretty steady.Since Louisville is looking strong on the housing market from, there should be no fear in those who wish to upgrade their homes or those who are wanting to move into the area. HAS HE COMPLETED THE SECOND VOLUME OF THE CASEBOLT LINE, HE MENTIONED HE WAS PLANNING TO DO JUST THAT. My Casebolt line is Lawrence Casebolt, Albert Casebolt, Lawrence Gerald Casebolt, Harvey F Casebolt, Samuel Casebolt (may have fought with his brothers in the Civil War) William Casebolt, and Thomas Casebolt. At some point he changed his last name from Casebolt to Terry. I believe they were from & lived in Mc Roberts, which is in Letcher County, KY.A CURRENT CONTACT FOR HIM WOULD BE GOOD, HIS PREVIOUS CONTACT AND EMAIL ARE NOT WORKING.. I'm finding a few conflicting dates about Thomas Casebolt and wonder if anyone has any pictures or documents of the original Thomas Casebolt with dates. My grandfather & grandmother moved to Baltimore, MD probably around the late 1930's or early 1940's. I downsized in a small bungalow built in Ashland on the area that was previously Shadrach Casebolte's farm. my great great grandmother was, Sarah Jane Casebolt ,married to Joseph Young Alexander am looking for information about her parents, Sarah Jane was born in Virgina 1848 thank you for whatever help you can give me I'm writing a volume on 1707 Nathanial Morrison.I know that A gentleman by the surname of Adkins bought the land around 1905 or close to that time. Renick Casebolt married Rachel Morrison, an descendant, on Jul 16 1868 in Pocahontas County, WV. I have been sort of keeping a blog: has some of what I have found for my family.I have the genealogy of their family, which was large. His mother was their 2nd child Rose, who married Henry Clay Swope. I am one of Margie Pearl Brooks & Ulan Casebolts daughters.She was listed as "living in Tacoma, WA" in John's obituary, March, 1916.I am the oldest grand-daughter of Charles Leon Casebolt, and the oldest daughter of Jerry L. I am just looking to see if there are anymore of my relatives out there!!!! I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the world, because someone out there might have same problem, Am very happy today because i was having a sleepless night since the only man i have ever love in my life left me for another girl,trying to get him back i met this testimony of a Woman called lizzy and she said somebody called Dr ALADE helped her to bring back her lover. My father is Lawrence (Larry) Casebolt, grandpa is Albert (Al) Casebolt originally from Arkansas. They had 3 children (Carol Lynn, Elaine, and my father).

We lived in Allen Ky, where my Dad ran a gas station and garage, and we lived over top of the garage.For instance, my father's middle name is Lowell, and mine is Anne. I was also born in Charleston, SC and noticed that others had mentioned SC. It you guys want to contact me if you are interested Looking for info on Kate (O'Conner) Casebolt of Tacoma.I was only here for a short time because my father, Jerry L. Unknown dates of birth or death, but sister to Elizabeth (O'Conner) Hicks Stronghurst, IL, Thomas O'Conner of Oquawka, IL, and John O'Conner of Carman/Stronghurst, IL.I remember me and a couple of my buddies up by the railroad bridge when one of my brothers came running up and told me to get home to move stuff out of the house. At the time I was working at night in a little movie theater three nights a week right across the tracks from our house, so I opened up and let people who were flooded out of their homes spend the night and wait for the flood waters to go down. My brothers still live in Combs--and to the woman from Florida, Ruby Frances, I remember you. She had lots of canned food from our garden at the farm of my Grandfather.The water was coming in and we didn't get very much out because the water came in fast. I remember that day, I met a guy who was stuck over in Combs who was driving a coal truck for Smiths Coal. I remember she fried corn bread and eggs for breakfast with bacon and cooked up a pot of greenbeans and potatoes for our dinner.

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