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It all started with a smile I sent her on the site...

A female Kurdish fighter who became a poster girl for the Kobane resistance movement after a picture of her making a peace sign was retweeted thousands of times on Twitter has reportedly been beheaded by Isis Her death - reported on several sites including 9- however, is unconfirmed and at the time of writing the YPG (People's Defense Unit) and YPJ have yet to respond to Mail Online's request for a comment.

Perched on the other side of the Turkish border, the Syrian town of Kobane has been under an intense assault by Isis, or the so-called Islamic State, for more than a month.

They are there fighting ISIS terrorists'I love Denmark.

I grew up here and I love the freedom of our society.

ISIS has been desperately trying to capture the town for more than two months in an assault that has driven thousands of Kurds into Turkey Smoke rises over the besieged Syrian city of Kobane following a shell attack.

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