The displacement is the displace modifier in max to save on rendertime cause I'm just testing.. p=22299&postcount=464so i spoke with tony and got it all setup in maya. i'm still trying to wrap my head around the math involved the how these maps blend together to make the skin, but I think it is pretty promising. Is that the same setup as in the DVD or has he improved on that?


That setup is what he showed in his DVD and I've used it extensively and for the most part it is quite good.Hi all, I created a thread about the new skin shader for MR that Tony Reynolds did. Let me know what you think folk's and post your experiement too with the shader here! Tony's original version can be found here - I don't think he is offering any more support for updates. Tamas I'm surprised your using Max I thought you guys used Maya?I think it lack visibility in the thread of Lee's cause it's too big and the information is spreaded on many pages,etc. vargatom: I'm using photometric light for most of the test, I also used portal lights.In deployment process, custom code is merged with Liferay portal source code in the Ext.That is, developers override Liferay portal source code.

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