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The opening of the AZ Museum in Spring 2015 was preceded by the exhibition “Zverev on Fire” in The Moscow Manege, where about 200 works by Anatoly Zverev from George Costakis’ collection–which survived the fire of 1976–were exposed.

Later, the daughter of the great collector Aliki Costakis donated these and hundreds of other works to the museum.

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In 1994 she graduated from the historical and Kinovedcheskie faculty of Tbilisi State University named after Academician Ivan Javakhishvili.

Diploma, which defended the First Lady in the History Department, was devoted to the Italian missionaries XVII century (her specialty - medievalism), on Kinovedcheskie - creativity Otar Iosseliani.

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She identifies herself as of Jewish heritage, but not religiously.

He lived life to the fullest being homeless, created amazing pictures having no workroom or paints, and desperately loved a woman 38 years older than himself…Zverev spent his whole life in Moscow, in the midst of cultural life, in the epicenter of the Russian avant-garde…

And exactly here, near the house of another Russian artist Vladimir Nemukhin, whom Zverev loved to visit, situated Zverev’s Museum.

Once she said about Zverev: “I suspect that this unevenness alone made him a legend.

Wandering through the museum and absorbing Zverev’s momentary etudes, I suddenly realized why some time ago I so utterly fell in love with the artist…

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