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Should those conditions not be met, aliens will not be allowed to enter the Romanian territory, although they might have previously obtained a Romanian visa.

According to the provisions of GO 194/2002 concerning the regime of aliens in Romania, republished as subsequently amended, the Romanian visa is granted by Romanian diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

610/2013, as of October 18th 2013, when calculating the right of stay for third state applicants, a time period of maximum 90 days in any 180 day period shall be taken into consideration.

You can calculate your right to stay by using the In order to comply with the requirements laid down in article 6 from GEO 194/2002 modified, upon arrival in any Romanian border post, for the purpose of entry, you must comply with the following: a) submit a valid travel document, recognised by Romania; IMPORTANT! 610/2013, for third state visa applicants who estimate to stay within the territory of Member States for a duration of maximum 90 days in any 180 day period, the valid travel document granting them free passage must meet the following criteria: The date of entry shall be the first day of stay on the territory of Memebr States, and the date of exit shall be the last day of stay on the territory of Member States.

Date: October 15, 2015, - – Field part of the conference Venue: Conference-hall of Eco-friendly Hotel Dalia, Lofflerova 1, Košice city, Slovakia and forests under management of “Urban Forests Košice” Company The final conference is aimed at presentation of the project results and proposed measures to improve the forest management practices in order to prevent the floods, mediating and supporting dialog and information exchange with the forest managers, hydrologists, environmentalists and regional governments. Future development projects and partnerships discussion. EXACT DATE AND VENUE: August 13, 2015, Romania, Viseu de Sus, Hotel Gabriela WHO IS INVITED: Participants of the project joint development group: Representatives and experts from Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Maramures Mountain Nature Park, Dolyna district administration, Vygoda forestry, Department for Implementation of Economic Reforms, European Union Integration, and Investments of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration and Vygoda Village Council. Farm trip organization (work on the hand out information materials and draft itinerary for the travel writers and tour operators) 2. Joint Strategy development (Strategic planning of tourism development around the narrow gauge railways in the target regions – partnership between railways in Viseu de Sus and Carpathian Tram, work on operative goals and tasks) 4.

The agenda of the seminar will include the following presentations and discussion topics: • HYDROFOR project results • Role of forests in flood regulation and ways of its optimization • Cooperation of stakeholders in flood mitigation with respect to the role of forests – discussion, conclusions • Visit to forests of Urban Forests Košice (Joint Stock Company) with demonstration of the best forest management practices Besides the final conference, the guided city-tour is planned in order to get to know the history of the region. Promotion publications (review of final content) CONTACT DETAILS: Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region Project coordinator: Rubanovskyi Kyrylo Telephone: 38 0342 720232 Fax: 38 0342 559156 [email protected] THE BENEFICIARY Administration of Maramures Mountain Nature Park is going to organize project steering committee meeting in Romania in the frame of project titled “Carpathian Heritage Railways” (HUSKROUA/1101/176) financed from the ENPI CBC Programme Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2007-2013.

Exact date and venue: December 10-12, 2015, hotel Stanislavskyi, 5 Petrasha St., Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine Who is invited: Carpathian heritage railways’ operators, industrial heritage stakeholders, tourism business, and public institutions representatives interested in industrial heritage and nature based tourism development and territories promotion from programming area.

Historically, Budjak was a smaller, southeastern steppe region of Moldavia.From the Managing Director, Every day, some of the best-known telecom operators, media companies, and advertisers in the world turn to air G to solve their most challenging monetization and distribution problems.We are emboldened to rise to meeting these challenges because at air G, we take pride in contributing to the successes of our channel partners through our hard work and innovation.For detailed information on the project event, please click here.THE BENEFICIARY “Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivks Region” is going to organize the Carpathian Heritage Railway Partners’ Networking Meeting in Ukraine in the frame of the project titled “CARPATHIAN HERITAGE RAILWAYS” (HUSKROUA/1101/176) financed from the ENPI CBC Programme Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2007-2013.

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