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“It’s painstaking work and a lot more complicated than digging dry land.

This is pure archaeological work that we can’t farm out to villagers, to help with the digging,” he says.

Now he hides in – or bestrides, if you believe what you are told – Mali. Macbeth would have made a pretty good Middle Eastern dictator, obsessed with power, murdering his rivals, oppressing his people under the fatal influence of a spoiled, ruthless wife. He wants to know if his son’s wounds proved he was fighting Macbeth’s goons when he died, or whether – if stabbed in the back – he had been running away.Office of the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs : Telephone: 91 11 23017651, 23034642, 91 23013495 (Fax) Email:[email protected], [email protected] of the Ministers of State for Minority Affairs (Independent Charge) : 1st Floor, Pt.- Parents are asked to stand before the Mayor or the General Security office if the child would be traveling alone and his age is less then 7 years old.

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