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When the white lights come up, then gradually get switched off, that's the time to pay the bill, finish your drinks and leave. It's 'Lao style' to accept these things with a smile and without question.There are several easy to find bar restaurants (close by midnight) popular with tourists are Kop Chai Dur, Chess Cafe and Red Sun (Tawen Daeng).

There are a few public swimming pools apart from those of the better hotels; there are some bowling alleys, numerous fitness centres, cinema complex at Lao ITECC, Hash House Harriers and a few assorted social and sports clubs including rugby.

If you ask some people they will tell you this city has some of the best nightlife in Asia.

Others may tell you that there isn’t much to do here and you are better off in other cities.

On the one hand you will find some of the most conservative women anywhere here.

On the other hand there are also girls that are far more sexually aggressive than you may believe.

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