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Join cold chain professionals for this education and networking event, taking place on Thursday, in Bogota, Colombia.GCCA is pleased to bring together cold chain professionals from Colombia to discuss trends, opportunities and challenges with their peers and colleagues.As noted by Juan Carlos Pinzón, Colombia’s former national defense minister and its current ambassador to the United States, “In the latter half of the 1990s, the guerrillas were capable of conducting multi-battalion size conventional set piece battles, and controlled large swaths of coca crop growing areas and drug routes, where they forced the displacement of entire towns.” In short, the FARC had become a de facto government in broad swaths of Colombia and represented an existential threat to the Colombian state.Paramilitaries further exacerbated the security situation in Colombia.Date: 28 - 29 September 2017Location: Cartagena, Colombia The Growing Economies: Pacific Alliance Energy Forum gathers the country members of the Pacific Alliance - Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile – to further the group’s evolving energy agenda and explore the new market opportunities arising from increasing regional engagement.The meeting brings together energy regulators, public sector leaders, investors and financiers looking to strengthen their presence in the emerging Pacific Alliance energy market.Industry suppliers must be from a sponsoring organizations in order to attend.

Although this has been the case in Colombia for many years, providing the country with a foundation for flourishing family life, this view of marriage has recently come under attack.

In October 2014, the court admitted Duque’s case against Colombia.

Although Duque ostensibly based his claim on legitimate grounds – the protection of the family – in reality, it majored on the state’s alleged discrimination against him because of his same-sex sexual preference.

Although Colombia’s ability to overcome what many believed was a hopeless situation rests squarely upon the sacrifice of blood and treasure made by the Colombian people and its public forces, this promising new chapter in Colombia’s history also stems in part from the most successful, bipartisan U. foreign policy effort undertaken to date in the 21st century—Plan Colombia.

As the United States encounters growing instability in other regions of the world, it is instructive to look back at the U. role in fostering the most successful counterinsurgency effort in recent history to understand what worked and what remains unfinished.

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